The bullied teen who was saved by the kindness of the town after a cruel prank

This Michigan sophomore beamed as she faced the bullies who voted her onto the  homecoming court as a sick joke. After initially planning to skip the  celebrations, Whitney Kropp, 16, bravely walked out onto the field during Ogemaw  Heights High School’s homecoming football game to accept the honor, and more  than 1,000 people showed up to support her.

Whitney was initially  thrilled to learn that she had been  elected to the homecoming court of her sophomore class. But her triumph turned  to humiliation when she found out from other students that her nomination was  nothing but a prank by the popular kids at the  school – and she was told that the male student who was elected with her  had withdrawn.

However, in an impressive show of support, her community  rallied around her. Local businesses offered to pay for her homecoming dress and shoes, an appointment at a hair salon,  and even a homecoming dance dinner.  A Support Whitney Facebook page has  received more than 100,000 likes after her heartbreaking tale of bullying  resonated with hundreds of thousands around the country.(Link)


7 Common Forms of Childhood Bullying

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As the importance of preventing bullying and teaching kids to deal with torment from their peers is emphasized more and more in the media, it becomes apparent that today’s bullying bears little resemblance to the taunting and teasing that most parents were subjected to during their own childhood years. The modern bully wears many faces, and has an unprecedented level of access to the lives of those they hurt. Here are seven forms of bullying that today’s children are exposed to on a regular basis.

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