I Died on Christmas Day.

It was December 25, 1968. A god lived in our old house, a god who didn’t allow his subjects to come from their room until he emerged from his. Christmas day was no exception and he didn’t emerge until after lunch. Four innocent souls stood in doorways trying to get a peek at the tree or the little bundles of heaven wrapped in colored paper and bows.

The day moved on, the egg shells placed carefully to catch unsuspecting little feet were scattered with loving care. Their crunching sounds were barely audible, but screamed in our universe. Step on a crack, break your mothers back, step on a shell go directly to $%^&.

A mistake was made, by whom, unimportant. The face of our god flushed red, gone was the Christmas god. The remnant of presents were scattered throughout the room, the remnants of breakfast was still on the table, the remnants of a fire smoldered in its place and the remnants of sanity swirled, rose and vanished into the air.

It happened quickly, it always did. I turned to see the fist of god, it has risen and was destined to fall. The first punch took my breath even as I tried to avoid it, a sin in itself. The second busted my lip, the taste of blood its little gift. I knew the taste of blood well. The third to the stomach bent me forward allowing the tooth, already roaming around loose in my mouth to be projected onto the floor at my feet. I concentrated on that unruly tooth as a series of punches came too quick to comprehend and seemingly from all directions at once. The tooth held some importance I could not discern.

My mind raced and screamed into the universe, why, what did I do?

My next gift a broken rib and the sound of a broken nose exploded in my mind. My heart and lungs fought for every moment, but my legs gave up early and I spread across the floor like snow melting in a cozy room. I grasped at consciousness it being all you have.

Now the time of our gods foot had arrived, it kicked, something broke, it kicked, something tore, it kicked and reality shattered then scattered across the floor before my eyes. I could feel death breathing on me as my hair was grasped firmly. My heart pounded in my head or maybe it was my head being pounded on the brick hearth in front of the fireplace. Sickeningly my mind counted the times it rose and fell on the bricks, one, two, ten and twelve, it counted down the seconds of my life. I saw the fire with such clarity, a message from the real God I couldn’t comprehend, perhaps? Somewhere in all this, the words, I’ll you kill you little son of a so and so, the last words I’d ever hear, wormed their way in. The fear, the pain and the sick, slimy, sticky, warm taste of blood were the memories that came with them. In the end death has a warm, welcoming embrace.

I awakened to find I was mistaken. What do you do the day after you die? What do you do the rest of your life? No police were called, no hospital was visited and no one explained how a dead child is supposed to act. Some things must be figured out by an eight year old, by himself. It only took a couple week of being buried in my room, out of sight of the world, for me to walk this earth again.

Sometimes I am told before, during and after I speak, to GET OVER IT. I have.

I speak because dead children cannot. I speak for children who die at the hands of a monster in a nightmare/horror reality. I speak for the ten children in America, each day, average age three, who are cowering in corners as someone they know love and trust beats them into the silence of death.

I speak because I died several times and God allowed me to come back, he DEMANDS  I speak. I speak for the ten children who will die each of the twelve days of Christmas. Every day ten more that live will slip into their own Silent Night and no one will know their names.

Two charged, but will they pay?


MARYCLAIRE DALE, Associated Press

A Pennsylvania couple went car shopping, bought pizza and took a nap as the woman’s unresponsive 3-year-old son lay dying after weeks of escalating abuse that ended in three days of systematic torture, officials said Thursday.

Jillian Tait, 31, and Gary Lee Fellenbaum, 23, were charged Thursday with murder in the death of Tait’s son, Scott McMillan, and aggravated assault in the beating of his older brother.

They are accused of laughing as Scott was hung upside down and whipped, striking him repeatedly with a frying pan, and eventually beating him to death.

Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan called the case “an American horror story.”

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Child Abuse, Past, Present and Future


By Kennesaw Taylor

In 1873, Etta Wheeler, a nurse was making rounds in a tenement, in New York City. She had heard stories about a girl who was being held hostage and abused by her foster family. After talking her way into the apartment, she caught her first glimpse of nine year old Mary Ellen.

The child was barefoot, half clothed and half starved. A cat of nine tails lay nearby, and her arms and legs showed the effects of its use. Her face bore the look of suppression and misery. Over the next two months, Mrs. Wheeler reported the child’s plight to police and charities trying to save her, nothing was done. As there were no laws to protect children, no laws were being broken.

She contacted Henry Bergh, the president of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which had been started nine years earlier. Bergh…

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I Died On Christmas Day

Join us as millions march on Monday the 22nd against child abuse.


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This story was inspired by an opinion piece about Jorelys Rivera, a seven-year-old girl who will not open gifts this Christmas. If you cannot stomach graphic truth, do not read it, you have been warned.

It was December 25, 1968. A god lived in our old house, a god who didn’t allow his subjects to come from their rooms until he emerged from his. Christmas Day was no exception. He didn’t emerge until after lunch. Four innocent souls stood in doorways trying to get a peek at the tree or the little bundles of heaven wrapped in colored paper and bows.

The day moved on, the egg shells placed carefully to catch unsuspecting little feet were scattered with loving care. Their crunching sounds were barely audible, but screamed in our universe. Step on a crack, break your mothers back…

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April 22, 2013


MACA is a non-partisan, grass roots, nationwide effort, to UNITE ALL Child Advocates together in solidarity on April 22, 2013 for peaceful demonstrations against child abuse and crimes against children in the U.S.
April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  We seek to raise awareness of and ask for tougher sentencing for violent crimes against children in the U.S.
Statistics on crimes against children each year in the U.S. are staggering, sobering and should compel EVERY adult, parent, father, uncle, son, grandfather and all mothers, aunts, daughters, grandmothers and women to be moved to do something… NOW.  At a recent Washington Congressional hearing in June, 2011, experts believe nearly 10 children die each day from abuse. NCANDS, the national database for crimes against children, didn’t receive data from 3 states in their latest report!  States…

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Have My Cake…

I love what this writer and fellow survivor does with their heart and the words that heart spills.

My Mending Wall

So many times I have written about the wrongs that have been done to me by the hand or words of someone else.  The pain cuts like the bitter cold wind on a blustery day until I feel it piercing through my skin to my very core.  Sometimes I cannot let it go for it swirls around and around in my head until I am fixated.  The obsession eases me into a great depression where I linger for days.  There I stay, wallowing in my self-pity, for the pain weighs me down.

In my sick and twisted mind, by doing this I think I am facing my fears, facing my pain, facing my past.  I am not.  I am simply marinating in shame and hurtfulness that was created by someone else long ago.  The key words to snap me out of this dangerous line of thinking should be “long ago”…

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Wakefield Child Care Provider Charged In Horrific Abuse Of 13 Children

WAKEFIELD (CBS) – A Wakefield man who ran an unlicensed childcare and tutoring service with his wife has been accused of sexually abusing 13 young children, in what District Attorney Gerald Leone called the “worst case of neglect, abuse, and rape of kids I’ve ever seen.”

The suspect, John Burbine was indicted Thursday on more than 100 counts related to child sexual abuse.

He is accused of sexually assaulting children who ranged in age from 8 days old to three-and-a-half years old.

Burbine is also accused of taping the alleged sexual assaults, which took place at the victims’ homes in various towns between August 2010 and August 2012.

On the Burbine’s Wakefield block, many neighbors said they didn’t associate with the couple.

Jay Peledge’s mother lives next door and watches his children. Peledge said the family was deeply disturbed by the allegations.

“I”m having a difficult time with it because I have two young kids. Fortunately my kids were never watched by them,” he said.

Around the block, Michael Coughlin also had a gut reaction to the news. He said he immediately thought of his two small kids.

“The fact that it was just so close to home. You hear stories but you never realize it’s going to be in your own backyard,” he said.

Another neighbor told reporters the Burbine’s had approached him to watch his young children. He declined the offer.

Burbine, a convicted Level 1 sex offender,  allegedly had access to the victims through the Waterfall Education Center, an unlicensed childcare and tutoring service he and his wife were running.

Burbine was acting as babysitter or a tutor at the time of the alleged attacks.

The Department of Children and Families said in a statement they will continue to cooperate with the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office.

“After receiving a 51A report alleging abuse of a child by Mr. Burbine, the Department referred the case to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office for further investigation. The Department will provide support and assistance to any and all affected children and families,” Cayenne Isaksen of DCF said.

Isaksen said when DCF received allegations of abuse in 2005 and 2009, they referred the case to the District Attorney’s office for investigation. Burbine was never charged after those allegations surfaced.

A DA’s news release called the case “among the worst cases of child abuse ever prosecuted by the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office.”

Burbine’s wife, whom Leone said was not aware of the abuse, has been charged with reckless endangerment of the children.


Lauren Leamanczyk contributed to this report

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Moment pedophile rushed into Hospital carrying 15 -month -old girl he had fatally abused

Cradled in his arms, Barry McCarney is caught on CCTV desperately trying to bring his girlfriend’s dying daughter back to life.

But the haunting footage, captured in Erne Hospital, in Northern Ireland, disguises the horrific reality of what has just happened.

McCarney is no desperate father giving the kiss of life to his 15-month-old step-child. Instead, he is the perverted monster who abused Millie Martin so badly that she died of her injuries.

McCarney, from County Tyrone, met Millie’s mother Rachael Martin just three months before the little girl’s death.

He quickly eased his way into the family home in Enniskillen which allowed him access to Millie.

During a ten-week trial, the court heard how he had physically and sexually abused the toddler until she was left with a number of fatal injuries, including the head wound that killed her.

CREDITS:NEWSVINE.COM Article Source: the Mail online

Kennesaw Taylor

Priest Suspended on 20-year-old Child Abuse Raps

Msgr. Achilles Dakay, the archdiocese’s media liaison officer, said Garcia’s suspension came months before the priest was implicated by a National Geographic article in illegal trade of ivory in the Philippines.

Dakay said Garcia was suspended by Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma in June on instructions of the Vatican because of the ongoing investigation of the child abuse case filed against him.

As part of the penalties, Garcia is not allowed to say Mass in public and hear confessions and has been stripped of his positions in the archdiocese, including his chairmanship of the committee on worship.

Palma informed Garcia about his suspension, which might have affected his health, said Dakay.

Garcia, a diabetic and hypertensive, has been on sick leave. He was confined at a private hospital in Manila. Before that, he had been staying with a sibling in Manila while he sought medical treatment.

Palma confirmed at a news conference at the Archbishop’s Palace on Wednesday morning that Garcia had been removed from his positions in the Archdiocese.

“You might notice you have not seen Monsignor Cris since June because he’s out of Cebu,” he said. “He is no longer connected with any of the posts he occupied before.”

He stressed that the investigation into Garcia’s child abuse case came long before the monsignor was embroiled in controversy involving ivory trade.

“In regard to the matter of Monsignor Garcia’s past, the case has been elevated to the Holy See and it has initiated the investigation into it long before the present controversy erupted,” Palma in a prepared statement.

“I have also fulfilled the Holy See’s instructions regarding the submission of documents and acting upon related consequences,” he added.

Garcia was a Dominican priest working in the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles in the 1980s when he was accused of child abuse. He was later expelled after a nun reported to the police that an altar boy had been found in his bed in a Los Angeles rectory.

An article by the Los Angeles Times reported that Garcia was accused of molesting two youths in 1980 and 1984.

A Dallas Morning News item reported Garcia as saying he did have sex with the two altar boys but claimed that he was the one who was “seduced and raped.” His accusers, however, found his claims absurd.

Dakay told the Inquirer that Garcia was the last priest ordained by Cebu Archbishop Julio Cardinal Rosales before he died in 1980s.

When Garcia was expelled by the Dominican order, he added, Rosales brought him back to Cebu and took him as a diocesan priest.

But Dakay said Garcia could no longer go back to the US following a conviction in the civil aspect of the case. He could not say, however,  if Garcia was ordered to pay damages.

It was during the time of Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, Rosales’ successor, that Garcia was conferred the title of monsignor.

Garcia subsequently became a high-profile priest in Cebu and has been known for his vast collections of religious icons and paintings. His collections are usually displayed in exhibits every January as part of the festivities leading to the annual fiesta of Cebu’s patron, the Señor Sto. Niño.

He was also given various positions, including the chairmanship of the Commission on Worship. He was also business manager of Bag-ong Lungsoranon, the official publication of the Cebu Archdiocese; and spiritual director of Bukas Loob ng Dios and the World Apostolate of Fatima.

He is also a founder of the Society of the Angels of Peace in Talisay City, Cebu, and rector of the Archdiocesan Shrine of Jesus Nazareno, also in Talisay.

Dakay said he thought that the child abuse case against Garcia had been considered closed until Palma was informed by the Vatican about the ongoing investigation.

“He must have repented and felt sorry for what he did because it was a sin. But the crime remained. Vatican went on investigating it,” said Dakay. “What happened in the States could be a crime. If it was also a sin on his part, it was forgiven. It was repented for.”

Dakay said the criminal case was elevated to the Vatican and is now the subject of an investigation.

Dakay said he didn’t know when the case was revived. “I don’t know why it reached the Vatican as a church case.”

“We have been communicating with the Vatican.  We didn’t know that there was an investigation. We didn’t know that it was revived,” he said.

Dakay said Palma was appealing to the Vatican to soften the penalties apparently due to Garcia’s health as well as his contributions to the Cebu Archdiocese.

Garcia left for Manila several weeks ago to seek medical treatment. He had been in and out of hospital because of his hypertension and heart ailment.

Dakay said some Cebu priests saw Garcia in Makati last week with his bodyguard and private nurse, “looking very sick.

“He is now in a hospital,” he added.

He said Garcia, an expert in liturgy, has been printing their prayers. Garcia also founded a congregation and ran a shrine in Cebu.

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